Why You Should Date Your Opposite Sign

Why You Should Date Your Opposite Sign

You have a conservative, practical, matter-of-fact approach to most issues. Aquarius, in contrast, has a tendency to be progressive and ideological about life. Aquarius is really focused on social issues, diplomacy and politics, whereas you feel that good management and charity start at home. You are more concerned with the immediate challenges of life than with global or even community issues. You are both very much creatures of habit and will have settled into your own way of seeing and doing things. The unconventional approach of Aquarius will also appear in the bedroom. Their sensual explorations will help you discover a deeper part of your nature. Sex could become a far more fulfilling part your life than you ever thought possible.

Aquarius – Taurus Love Compatibility

Why are Aquarius so attracted to the Taurus zodiac sign? There are certain personality traits that make this couple an intriguing astrology love match. Aquarius is someone who would be fit to date a Taurus.

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus zodiac signs. Date of birth. Time of birth.

Email address:. Because they are both fixed signs, the Taurus man and the Aquarius woman are loyal and devoted. Taurians are conservative and true traditionalists, while Aquariuses are the rebels of the zodiac, and innovative people. The Taurus man, however, will manage to convince the Aquarius woman to be more like him. They are very attracted to each other, on a brilliant and very substantial level. These two have a great chance of being together for a very long time if they commit to each other completely.

She will like the way he lives his life and will be inspired to be the same as him. He will let her know that he can care for her and he will do just that.

Taurus and Aquarius: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Seven dating an aquarius man younger man is clever, aquarius men looking for older man. First dates with benefits. Is like myself. Our top tips below. Having an aquarius man younger man is in a constant adventure; dating tips on their brilliant ideas.

It rules Aquarius, the humanitarian of the zodiac. This year Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus, a comfortable and grounded earth sign. The way we interact with each other, including dating and other social interactions.

The Aquarius man and Taurus woman compatibility is not ideal because people belonging to both the star signs are known to have dominant and stubborn personalities. Ruled by Venus — the Goddess of love in Roman mythology — the Taurus woman is romantic, emotional, loving, compassionate, and ambitious. She looks for love, commitment, and stability in her life. The Aquarius man, on the other hand, is ruled by Uranus. While the Aquarius man gets attracted to a Taurus woman due to her ambitious nature and the Taurus woman likes his intelligence and humor, both can have a hard time compromising due to their stubborn nature.

Despite the fact that people belonging to both the signs have different dominant personality traits and do not have much in common, there are high chances of Aquarius and Taurus friendship when they meet. While the Taurus woman takes time to open up and make new friends, as she is an introvert, once she develops the bond, she is the best friend one can have. An Aquarius man and a Taurus woman may not connect immediately. But, once they start to talk and share their thoughts and ideas, the friendship bond will develop and they will soon become great friends.

Although Taurus women and Aquarius men have different personalities, they have a few things in common as well. For example, both of them listen to their minds and do things as they consider fit. They both can be stubborn and inexorable and have a strong urge to succeed in whatever they do. Since both of them are intelligent, discussions play a huge role in their friendship.

It is one of the things they both enjoy and excel at.

Libra woman dating aquarius man

The slow, tender and smooth nature of Taurus will be ridiculously annoyed by the changeable and unusual nature of Aquarius. In most cases, they are not even attracted to each other and think of each other as boring or crazy, depending on the situation. However, they could really help each other blossom if they opened up for the possibility of unusual sexual encounters.

If the tenderness of Taurus is projected on their independent, distant Aquarius partner, their creative and motivating side would awake, giving energy and speed to the productive gentle side of Taurus. Imagine the sex life they could have, different from each other, two outcasts, if they only shared enough respect and emotion. They will rarely get this far, for they seem to be looking for different things in a relationship to begin with.

Aquarius women are outstanding problem solvers and Taurus men are just too stubborn to give up on what their hearts truly desire. Learning to.

The Taurus and Aquarius personality do not share a lot of astrological chemistry and by all indications may be prone to arguments and even hate on each other. Despite their differences, the Taurus Aquarius love match can make it work if there are enough synergistically favorable aspects in their charts. It might seem an unlikely pairing but there are a number of aspects that could contribute to a Taurus Aquarius attraction.

Whether it is a Taurus man and Aquarius woman or Aquarius man and Taurus woman or anything in between, here is a look at Aquarius Taurus compatibility in both friendship and romance. Taurus and Aquarius both possess passion but with Aquarius, the passion is directed towards ideas whereas Taurus is passionate about stimulation of the senses.

Taurus people however often have an interest in nature and are inclined towards being conscientious about their place in their environment. Taurus is a sign most likely to be a treehugger or proponent of an eco-friendly lifestyle and organic diet. This may even extend to veganism and animal rights activism.

Aquarius is a sign that is inclined toward taking up subversive and rebellious causes that challenge the status quo in the name of self expression and human interests.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience. If you continue browsing, we assume that you consent to our use of cookies. More information can be found in our Legal Notices. Aquarius dating Looking for an astrological sign generally, it’s unstable, like you want to be your friend first. He amazes people time and cons of his own path.

I think that’s pretty ideal. As per my experience, successful and hardworking Taurus men are drawn to Aquarius ladies who are quirky, eccentric yet hold some.

Ascendant Aquarius Men: Aquarius men rarely initiate conversations with their partners. Aquarius men do want to have deep or long-term connections, and are always seeking out a partner who shares these values. Aquariun men have a hard time creating a new relationship from scratch. Like all other Sagittarian men, and most men, he has a love for home, comfort and security.

They can be guarded and cautious with all people, especially women. They seem to like doing things the old-fashioned way, with a partner who is the one to do all their thinking for them.

Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility (How Faithful Is He?)

Originally posted by anestheticthoughts. Originally posted by love-and-boys. Originally posted by highallthetime They are both pleasant towards each other, and they are into communication and information.

Taurus and Aquarius, Compatibility info. You could just make him a male platonic friend that can give you advice and come and give you a shoulder to cry on.

Aggressive Taurus pushes cool-headed Aquarius to the edge of reason, causing a much-needed snap in the Water Bearer. Where you clash: Huh? Astrological odd couple? Your signs move at two wildly different operating speeds—which can create weird timing issues or make you a powerful duo if you play to your strengths.

Grounded earth signs like stability and tend to want things to stay the same. Another big difference? Communicative air signs are talkers, but may not always follow through. Earth signs are doers who prefer to let their actions speak louder than their words. The air partner may not get the spontaneity and surprises that keep them interested. Or, the dizzying changes can leave the earth sign feeling destabilized and anxious, unable to plan ahead without feeling sabotaged from left field.

So, how can you strike a balance? You work together best when the air sign brings exciting ideas to the table and the earth sign builds them into a tangible reality. The air sign partner will also have to make a more dedicated effort to follow through on promises. Some measure of routine and consistency will have to be followed—even if the air sign abhors tradition.

Taurus and Aquarius compatibility

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